CapCut for IOS Download | Free all-in-one video editing app [133.5 MB]

Have you ever searched for a Video Editor before? Just to edit your videos? Well, I think I have something for you. Capcut is an approved and a well-known mobile application that uses by many people, especially Video Editors. This application was replaced from Via Maker to Capcut officially along with its icon. Still, luckily they have not been changed the content and the purpose of the application. Using this exciting video editing application, you can do amazing stuff like video creations and many other things such as creating video animations, slide shows, videos with funny effects, and many more. Thus, I think this is an excellent opportunity to save your time and money and receive a good high quality edited video. Capcut is a special application that you can get better advantages from your phone with little performance.


Many Social Media Influencers use this Capcut application to do their little stuff like edit small videos such as TikTok Videos, Travel Videos, Day-Today live videos, and also attractive movie clips. This application’s specialty is that this Capcut video editing application replaces the need for a High Performance PC Software where you will be able to edit any video using a portable mobile device by installing Capcut. So, as an opinion of mine, I think Capcut is the best video editing application you’ll ever get with these kinds of facilities. 

Capcut bears light and a simple interface where you can easily cooperate with it. There are no complicated option buttons or menus. Instead of such complex stuff, Capcut has a clean interface in order to make it easier for the user.

Download Capcut for IOS

capcut for ios

You are all free to install this video editing app Capcut for iOS device, which bears 10.0 versions or a higher version than that. This popular video editing app supports any IOS device from iPhone 5s to the latest mobile phone, iPhone 12pro max. Thus, this app correctly supports and is compatible with every IOS device like iPhones, iPads,iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPod touch, etc. So, you can now understand that Capcut is compatible with a wide range of IOS devices. Besides, this is way more compatible with both iPhone and iPad displays. You can now download this incredible video editing application using your Apple App Store. Since this is a free application, you can easily download it to your any device, free of charge. The Capcut video editing application is one of the top 10 apps in the Apple App Store in the category of photos and videos. 

Capcut features you’ll love to hear

Easy usage

This video editing application bears a light colored, simple, and a user-friendly interface. There will be no big option buttons or complicated menu buttons. Instead of such complex things, there will be only a clean interface with fewer options. Thus, this makes it a lot easier for the user to handle the application.

High Quality Video Editing Facilities

This High Quality Video Editing Facility can be described as a unique ability Capcut holds. You will never be able to experience this unique feature on typical video editing applications. 

Generally, as we all know, it decreases instead of increasing the quality of the video whenever you edit a video using any video editor. Additionally, it also reduces the quality of the video recordings of a video. But when it comes to Capcut, you can export your video from the same quality without reducing a single megabyte, to anyone even if you edit the footage fully (Furthermore, the user can edit his or her videos from low to high resolution. It doesn’t matter whether your video is a high quality or a low quality one)

You can edit videos from 15FPS to 27FPS, 30FPS, and 60FPS frame rates. Thus, you can select or else choose the video’s quality according to your preferences when exporting it. 

Additionally, you are able to choose and change the resolution of the video from 480p to 720p to 1080p.

There are frame rates from different levels, such as 24 to 25, 30, 50, and 60. You are all free to select any frame rate and create your fantastic video as same as you wanted.

Exceptional Filters

Filters are one of the most important things when it comes to video editing. Capcut presents hundreds of thousands of amazing filters where you can add them to your video in order to represent different environments and backgrounds. You can add these filters to various videos, live conditions, different locations, and sceneries such as mountain tops, beaches, gardens and waterfalls, and many more. In addition, you can assign them to different events you come across, such as birthday parties, New Years’, Valentine’s Days, Halloween days, Christmas Parties, and many other special occasions. Yet another special function of this Capcut app is that you can select any background or frame to the video you make to make it more creative and exciting.

Amazing Beauty Effects

Most of the girls feel shy to come in front of a regular camera and take pictures since they think that they aren’t perfect enough or beautiful enough to be in a photo. But I think you have now found a way to be in front of a camera so confidently and capture an image since you can now edit or add filters to make your look perfect in the picture you take. Edit your skin smooth, change of tones, and changed of looks through using editing tools. There are many effects Capcut offers you, and one of the most special and the best of best effects is the night mode effect, where you can capture any event in darkness using this night mode beauty effect. 

Media Library

Capcut presents you with a media library with thousands of free contents where you can now use any copyright free content like music and songs for your video in order to edit it excellently and flawlessly. The Capcut Media Library is always prepared to supply you with any music background you need. All you got to do is Choose, Assign and Enjoy.

Templates to the video

Suppose you are willing to make a video assigning examples, descriptions, introductions, or point outs. In that case, I think Capcut is the perfect match since you can add texts to the video you make through this application. By using this facility, you will be able to point out details and describe the thing you want one by one (This feature quite matches when it comes to travel videos where you can describe the places you travel). You are free to change the color of the texts, font style, and font size and assign the preferred color, size, and the font. Besides, you can make the most fantastic video by using the doodle writing function. 

Capcut Sticker Market

Stickers play an essential role in video editing. It makes your video look funny and exciting. Capcut offers you a wide range of stickers where you can assign to your video according to the situation. You can also add your pictures as stickers (Sticker Maker suits perfectly to make stickers according to your need). You are free to customize them according to the size, situation, or background of the video you edit. 


Capcut for iOS is a free video editing application that perfectly suits you to edit your videos. With its high quality editing facilities, Capcut has been quite famous among other typical video applications. So, why don’t you just click the install button and experience the super-duper facilities Capcut offers you?

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