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Here is the most amazing app for you to start your editing now. CapCut is a free, all in one video editing tool which allows you to edit any of your videos just like professionals do. Even if you are a newbie to video editing, or a pro who makes YouTube videos, this elegant app will provide you with every feature you need to start your work. There is a range of features such as cutting, reversing, and changing the speed that can be done quite easily for any of your videos.

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You can also edit only a selected part of your video and post only the best moments of your life. More that 5 million active users are engaging with this amazing app worldwide. Also, there is a built-in library for you to choose sounds, music, animations, fonts, and stickers which can be used instantly. Once you have created your high-quality product, you can simply export it to any social media platform without much hassle.

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CapCut APK v11.2.0

CapCut APK v11.1.0

CapCut APK v10.6.0

CapCut APK v10.3.0

CapCut APK v10.1.0

CapCut APK v9.9.0

CapCut APK v9.8.0

CapCut APK v9.7.0

CapCut APK v9.6.0

CapCut APK v9.5.0

CapCut APK v9.4.0

CapCut APK v9.3.0

CapCut APK v9.2.0

CapCut APK v9.1.1

CapCut APK v9.1.0

CapCut APK v9.0.0

CapCut APK v8.8.1

CapCut APK v8.7.0

CapCut APK v8.6.0

CapCut APK v8.5.1

CapCut APK v8.5.0

CapCut APK v8.4.0

CapCut APK v8.3.0

CapCut APK v8.2.0

CapCut APK v8.1.0

CapCut APK v8.0.0

CapCut APK v7.9.0

CapCut APK v7.8.0

CapCut APK v7.7.0

CapCut APK v7.6.0

CapCut APK v7.5.0

CapCut APK v7.3.0

CapCut APK v7.0.0

CapCut APK v4.9.0

CapCut APK v4.8.0

CapCut APK v4.7.0

CapCut APK v4.6.0

CapCut APK v4.3.0

CapCut APK v2.9.1

CapCut APK v2.8.1

CapCut APK v2.5.0

CapCut APK v2.5.0

Capcut Official Download

CapCut Google Play

CapCut for iOS


How to Install CapCut APK?

  1. You can now directly download CapCut APK from the above download links
  2. Go to settings > Security settings > Enable downloads from unknown sources. (without completing this step, installation process will not be allowed).
  3. Locate and open the downloaded APK file.
  4. Agree to terms and conditions and start the installation process.
  5. Wait for a few minutes until the installation process is completed.

Features of CapCut

User Friendly interface

CapCut comes with a very friendly interface which enables you to edit your video easier than ever.

High Quality

This amazing app consists of advanced filters and flawless beauty effects which opens a world of possibilities for the user.

Built-in Library

CapCut also comprises a built-in music library exclusive of copyright products which you can use at any time.

Large collection of Stickers and Text

App also consists of a huge collection of stickers and text which you can use with your videos.

Visual Effects

There is a variety of visual effects which enables you to create the best outcome ever.


How to Use CapCut?

Making a simple video from a collection of photos

  1. Once you launch the app, tap on “New Project” to begin
  2. Select photos from your gallery, album
  3. Once the photos are loaded, use the bottom toolbar to edit each photo as you wish
  4. Click on the “Audio” option on the bottom left to add an audio file.
  5. Edit the audio as necessary (Tap match cut and add beats)
  6. Adjust the images according to the beat
  7. To add animations, tap on the image and go to animations> Combo
  8. Select the “Effects” option on the toolbar to add any effects.
  9. Once everything is done, export the video using export option.


  1. What is CapCut?

  •   CapCut is an all-in-one video editor app which will allow you to edit videos like a professional
  1. Is CapCat available for PC?

  • You can use an android emulator to download and use CapCut on PC
  1. Can we use Nox App Player instead of Bluestacks?

  • Yes, you can use any other emulator for the download process. Make sure that the emulator you have chosen is compatible with the app.
  1. Is CapCut safe?

  • Yes, the app is completely reliable. However, a reliable website must be chosen when downloading the app.
  1. Is this app available for free?

  • Yes, you can download CapCut for free.
  1. Is this app available on Play Store?

  • Yes, the app is available on playstore.

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