Capcut FAQ | CapCut Frequently Asked Questions 2022

Are you planning to get hold of the CapCut video editing app? Then you will have few questions in your mind, where you need answers to. Let us explain those questions in detail through this.  


What exactly is CapCut?  

The free video editing App for Android and iOS is CapCut. With its many useful editing features, you may edit videos on your smartphone and upload them to platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Although using CapCut as a film editor is not very novel, it is simple to use and has a sizable music library with only officially licensed songs you may use for your movies. It doesn’t display any advertising, which a lot of users will like. 

Who developed CapCut?  

ByteDance is the developer behind CapCut app. It is the same company that could develop the popular TikTok app as well. The app came to the market initially under the name Jianying. It was only available for the users in China back in the year 2019. Within a very short time period, the app could become quite popular among users. As of now, it ranks among the leading apps in the Google Play Store and Apple App store.  

Can I start using CapCut for free?  

Free editing software CapCut is accessible on both the iOS and Android operating systems. For usage of the Capcut application, there are no fees. However, the CapCut application for PC is not yet available in an official version. 

Can I use CapCut on my laptop?  

CapCut is a fantastic choice for you if you’re on the go but don’t have time to put a video producer on your PC! People who often do light video editing in their existing work will gain from it. Users of CapCut phone app are eagerly anticipating the introduction of a PC version due to its broad range of features. 

Although CapCut is now accessible for Windows, there isn’t an official version of the program. If you still want to start using CapCut on your PC, you will need to think about using an Android emulator. Bluestacks is a great example for such an Android emulator available for you to run and get CapCut on your PC.  

Is CapCut a good editing tool? 

CapCut is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for a free to use video editing program to show you the ropes. Although many users use the software to edit movies for TikTok, there are many more uses as well! Additionally, it is linked to other significant and well-liked characteristics, which we’ll describe in this text. They range from fundamental editing tips, like using the program, to more advanced features, like applying filters & music playing. Overall, the CapCut software is appropriate for basic editing needs. 

How to use CapCut for editing videos like a pro?  

CapCut is available for free download on iOS and Android, however there isn’t a PC version. To use the app, however, you don’t need a TikTok profile. You may use CapCut right away after launching it. That’s because CapCut is just a video editing tool, in contrast to TikTok. The app doesn’t include a social networking feature or a video stream. 

First, you’ll notice a few key icons just on home screen. Either choose New Project to begin editing with all available tools or select Shortcut to create a video more quickly using a more simplified process. Under those icons, you may explore your already-completed projects and press to name them or continue editing. Additionally, you may go here for reusable video templates. We encourage you to explore and experiment with CapCut, so that you can learn more about the app and discover its possibilities.  

Can I use green screen on CapCut?  

Yes, you will be able to use green screen on CapCut without an issue. In fact, there are two different options available for you to proceed with. The most common way to proceed would be to use the screen overlay feature available on CapCut. It is possible for you to use the chroma key, so that you can easily key out the color that you want to remove from the background. If you have a green screen, you can select green color. No matter what method you select to remove green screen on CapCut, you can easily get your job done. 

Can I use CapCut for editing my YouTube videos?  

Yes, a lot of professional YouTubers out there tend to use CapCut for editing their videos. If you are going to edit YouTube videos with CapCut, you should be mindful about screen resolution. We encourage you to stick to 16:9 screen resolution for editing your YouTube videos. Then you will not encounter any issues when you upload the same videos to YouTube.  

Are the songs available on CapCut copyright free?  

When you want to add a background music to your videos, you can find a comprehensive music library available on CapCut. This is where you might wonder whether the music tracks that you can find on CapCut are copyright free or not. Music that you can usually find in the CapCut music library are copyright free. Therefore, you will not encounter any major issues when you are going to edit videos with those tracks. However, CapCut allows you to upload your own third-party sound tracks as well. It is important to double check and verify that you are only uploading copyright free tracks, so that you will not face any issues. 

Is TikTok the owner of CapCut?  

CapCut app was made available to people all around the world back in the month December 2020. Along with this, the name of app was changed to CapCut. From the beginning, ByteDance is the owner and developer of CapCut. Even though TikTok doesn’t own CapCut officially, both these apps are sharing the same parent company. Therefore, we can strongly recommend CapCut to anyone who is looking forward to editing videos on TikTok. You can experience the benefits that come along with high compatibility.  

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